Rights of Freedom

Steve Sabz

Rights of Freedom

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This is my newest album. It features some of my best playing and some monster drop-D songs. The title track, Rights of Freedom, is a ruff cut. I'm currently looking for a male or female vocalist to sing these tracks.

Rights of Freedom:
Got my nine in my pocket, I'm ready to ride.
Faces goin' down got nowhere to hide.
Smell the fear in the wind, got somethin' to do.
Kickin' down rollin' hard, I'm comin' for you.
Rights of Freedom on high, make no compromise open your eyes.
Trade you life for a prize, for the sake of the fight we won't back down.
Assembled in masses with one thing in mind.
My cold steel and AR, I won't let you buy.
For a crown and an office, you breath down our necks.
Won't take long this is just what you get.
Repeat Chorus


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